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Dykema: “I vote with the district 100% of the time”

Opponent’s partisan rhetoric irresponsible and dangerous


Dear Residents of the 8th Middlesex District:

Over the past few months, I have seen a statistic repeated over and over again by my opponent: the percentage of the time that I “vote with the Speaker.” I hope voters will carefully consider how this statistic is being used. I believe that it represents a dangerous partisan mindset that takes us further down a path toward more polarized politics and away from the people our government is intended to serve.

To be clear, I vote and have always voted in a way that I believe best represents the interests of our district 100% of the time. While it’s not possible that my position will always be supported by all of our residents, in every case I do my best to understand the varied perspectives that you share with me, and vote in a way that I believe moves us all forward and increases our common good. What most troubles me about my opponent’s repetition of the “votes with the speaker” statistic is the implication that a Representative’s primary consideration should be a reflection of political leadership rather than district representation.

Is my opponent suggesting that he would cast votes to improve his partisan “stats” rather than represent our district? Does my opponent suggest that I should have voted against allowing small businesses to purchase lower cost health insurance, against streamlining our state regulations and against supports for veterans because they were also supported by the Speaker of the House? Would he have voted against these bills? That type of thinking is just plain wrong and represents everything that is wrong with partisan politics today.

I want to assure you as my constituents, that I have always and will always cast my vote in a way that I believe best represents you.  I stood up and voted against major pieces of legislation including expanded gambling and partisan laws regarding appointment of an interim US Senator because I believed they were not in our interests. Let me reassure you that I will always seek to vote in a way that is thoughtful, informed, fair and represents the voice of our residents.

Voters have clearly told me that they are tired of the hyper-partisan politics that are too common today and that my opponent continues to perpetuate. As your representative I will always base my vote on YOUR interests. Not on the Speaker’s, not on my party’s, not on special interests, not on those who live outside our district, but in the interests of our families, our children, our seniors, our veterans and all of the residents of our district.

I would appreciate your vote and your support on November 6th.

Thank you,
Carolyn Dykema
State Representative, 8th Middlesex District