As your legislator, Carolyn will continue to work for:

Sound Planning for Economic Development and Infrastructure Investment

Economic development plays a crucial role in controlling growth of our local property taxes and ensuring our long-term prosperity. Carolyn’s experience in private sector businesses, on the Holliston Planning Board and in regional planning organizations, helps her advocate for a better climate for job growth while planning for the protection of open spaces, farms, historic landmarks and our quality of life. Carolyn was pleased to participate, in conjunction with the state Office of Economic Development and community leaders, in the development of the MetroWest Regional Development Compact that designates areas in our towns for development and areas for protection to ensure that state investments are spent consistent with local priorities.

Carolyn also believes that investment in infrastructure, like our commuter rail and water systems, is crucial to economic development. Unfortunately, the state has been paying for infrastructure on the credit card for too long, jeopardizing the long-term stability of the system and delaying much-needed maintenance. Carolyn believes strongly that the state needs to dedicate funds to pay off its infrastructure debt and follow a long-term plan for infrastructure investment to support economic growth.  Carolyn also believes that the way we pay for infrastructure should be fair, and she was a strong advocate for successful legislation that will ensure that MetroWest commuters will not continue to pay a disproportionate share of the costs of the Big Dig project.

Carolyn served as co-chair, with Senator Jamie Eldridge, of the Water Infrastructure Finance Commission. The Commission issued an extensive report that will serve as a roadmap for sensible investment in water infrastructure and innovation over the long-term.

Affordable Healthcare

The cost of healthcare has risen dramatically in recent years — twice the rate of the rest of the economy. This has hurt job growth, as employers dealing with high health care costs have limited hiring and cut back on benefits. It has also hurt local families and seniors, who have borne the burden of increased copays, deductibles and premiums, and our cities and towns, who have watched the budgets for public safety and our schools shrink as resources are directed to increasing costs for employee medical insurance. Yet despite all these increased costs, consumers do not feel they are getting better coverage or a good value for their dollar.

Ensuring that everyone has access to quality, affordable health care is the ultimate economic and community issue, and addressing it has been a high priority of Carolyn’s since entering the Legislature. In July, the Legislature passed and the Governor signed into law a landmark health care cost control bill — and as a member of the Committee on Healthcare Finance, she was proud to play a role in designing this important legislation.

Carolyn advocated for language to update the “fair share” contribution requirements to make it easier for our small businesses who are making a good faith effort to comply with the requirements of the 2006 Health Care law to actually do so. She also pushed for successful legislation that allows small businesses to purchase health care through their local chambers of commerce at a discount of 3-5 percent.

Carolyn also helped draft compromise municipal health care reform legislation that passed earlier this session, which is currently saving cities and towns millions while continuing to treat our local employees fairly.

Changes to our health care system will not happen overnight, and Carolyn believes we will need to continually monitor as this complex marketplace adjusts to changes. She’s proud of what we achieved on the healthcare cost control front this session, and looks forward to continuing to work to keep costs down while promoting access and quality care for all consumers.

Investment and Innovation in Public Education

We have some of the best schools and most creative minds in the world here in our state. We need to harness them to sustain a thoughtful society and create good paying jobs for our communities.

Carolyn’s family has benefitted personally from the opportunity afforded by education. Carolyn’s mother, the daughter of an Irish immigrant without a high school education, earned her PhD. Carolyn wants every child in our district to have that opportunity.

As our State Representative, she works closely with local school boards to support their efforts to innovate while ensuring that education funding to our towns has been largely protected during this challenging economy, despite large reductions in other spending. Carolyn also believes that the state’s public colleges and universities serve an important role for our young citizens and will work to increase the quality and accessiblity of education they offer. Carolyn actively represents the interests of our children and educators at the State House and is a full-time voice in support of adequate state funding for our schools. Carolyn also supported the limited expansion of charter schools to offer parents in underperforming districts a choice for their children.

Preservation of Open Space and Reduction of Toxics

Carolyn believes that environmental changes happen slowly, and we need to act now to ensure a healthy future for our children and grandchildren. As a member on the Committee on the Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture, Carolyn has been a consistent advocate for funding for the Community Preservation Act, which benefits the district, and for passage of the Safer Alternatives to Toxic Chemicals bill, which will require chemicals in manufacturing processes to be replaced if there is a non-toxic alternative. Carolyn has also been a champion for agriculture and local farms, recently sponsoring successful legislation to allow the agriculture community to re-invest some of the money they used to pay in fees back into efforts that support farms and create jobs that will always stay in Massachusetts.

As Your Legislator, Carolyn will always protect

  • The right of same sex couples to marry
  • A woman’s right to choose