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Current and Former Selectmen Endorse Carolyn Dykema for Re-Election

October 25, 2012

HOLLISTON – State Representative Carolyn Dykema is honored to have the endorsement of Chair of Southborough Board of Selectmen John Rooney, Vice-chair of Hopkinton Board of Selectmen John Mosher, former Southborough Selectman Sal Giorlandino, Westborough Selectman Tim Dodd, and Hopkinton Selectman Todd Cestari. In videos on Dykema’s Vimeo page, these local leaders cite the Representative’s transparency, dedication, and bipartisan appeal as reasons for their endorsement.

“John and I are lifelong Democrats who have on occasion voted for Republicans and Independents when we have felt that the individual was better suited for the political office at hand,” said former Selectman Giorlandino of Southborough. “Sal and I do not always agree, as witnessed by our campaigns over two years ago, but we do agree on Carolyn Dykema,” said Southborough Selectman Chair Rooney. “Carolyn’s commitment and dedication to our town, to our seniors, to our veterans, to our school kids, is unparalleled and I would urge all Southborough residents to vote for Carolyn on November 6th.”

“She’s assisted Hopkinton with many critical issues, from water infrastructure to businesses and education,” said Selectman Mosher of Hopkinton. “Carolyn has consistently worked to level the playing field for small businesses, has established legislation for expanded tax credits and reducing restrictive regulations.” During her time as a State Representative and community leader, Dykema has demonstrated a strong commitment to community values and issues, earning her the endorsement of these elected officials and local leaders.

“Regardless of what precinct you live in in Westborough, Carolyn’s always there, always willing to help spend time on really important issues to all of us regardless of party affiliation,” said Selectman Dodd of Westborough, “including veterans affairs, the environment, education, transportation, and really her background on the planet and the environment has allowed all of the towns in her district to be incredibly forward-thinking and we’re very lucky to have Carolyn and hopefully she’ll be around for a long time.” Thanks to an amendment Carolyn added to the VALOR Act, Westborough was able to adopt a state-funded tax work-off program designed to aid veterans and their families in paying their property taxes.

“It’s my pleasure to support Carolyn,” said Selectman Todd Cestari of Hopkinton. “Carolyn is one of the few people in politics that you can find that you can actually talk to her and trust what she’s saying and it doesn’t matter if you agree with her or disagree with her – you know there are no ulterior motives behind what she’s saying and what she’s doing.” Representative Dykema’s dedication to the district has also been lauded by local leaders like former Southborough Fire Chief John Mauro and her 2008 Republican opponent, Dan Haley.

Carolyn was also endorsed by Holliston Selectmen Kevin Conley, Jay Marsden, and Jay Leary. “I have always appreciated that she takes the time to listen to my concerns and has responded with keen insight,” said Selectman Conley of Dykema. “I also appreciate all she does for the town and all the events she attends and how approachable she has always been.”

“The support of community leaders since my election in 2008 has always been important to me,” said Representative Dykema. “Having worked in local government for more than a decade before being elected to my current position, I know firsthand that the work of selectmen and school committee members is directly affected by the votes cast at the State House. It has been a privilege to have worked with these respected officials to meet the needs of our towns and I am honored to have their support.”

You can view Sal Giorlandino and John Rooney’s video testimony here:
You can view John Mosher’s video testimony here:
You can view Todd Cestari, Tim Dodd, and other supporters’ video testimonies here:

State Representative Dykema was elected in 2008 to serve the 8th Middlesex towns of Holliston, and Hopkinton, and precincts in Southborough, Westborough and Medway. More information can be found on her campaign website at .