Carolyn appreciates the spirit of Massachusetts which has offered opportunity to her family for generations and which inspires Carolyn to work on behalf of future generations.

Carolyn’s grandmother Mary Martin arrived in America from Ireland at the age of 18, alone, without a high school education. In just one generation, Mary’s daughter – Carolyn’s mother – had earned a doctorate degree. The opportunity that our country – and education – offered to Carolyn’s family remains with Carolyn today. She and her husband Bill now have three children of their own who are attending the Holliston Public Schools. Carolyn is driven by the hope that her children, and all of our children, can benefit from this same opportunity afforded to her family and to previous generations.

Carolyn’s passion for the environment began as a young child, when she and her family camped regularly and spent time every summer on a lake in rural Maine where her father had spent time as a child. Her father’s stories about changes to the lake’s water quality, wildlife, and open space give Carolyn a respect for nature and the environment that drives her environmental efforts in the legislature today, including her focus on water quality, open space protection and toxics.

One of Carolyn’s strengths is that she brings an understanding of practical business principles to her position as a legislator. Starting at the age of 14, when she worked after school at a local dry cleaner, Carolyn worked throughout her high school and college years, gaining an understanding of the rewards of hard work that she carries with her today.

Prior to becoming a legislator, Carolyn worked at both large and small companies, including Fidelity Investments, where she met her husband Bill. Bill, who still works for Fidelity in Boston, is a regular rider of the commuter rail and a strong proponent of improvements to public transportation.

Carolyn graduated from Wellesley College and earned an MBA from Indiana University.

Carolyn & Bill’s three children, David, Julia and Andrew, are receiving a high quality education in the Holliston public schools and enjoy spending part of their summer in the outdoors of Maine.

Carolyn’s Rules of Thumb

Listening is Vital

Carolyn believes that everyone she speaks with offers an opportunity to learn something new or appreciate a different perspective. She also believes that respectful dialog and regular communication are crucial to our democracy. To foster this dialog, Carolyn issues a quarterly newsletter and holds office hours in the district. She also reads and responds to constituent comments personally.

Continuous Improvement in Administration of Government should be the “Norm”

The concept of “continuous improvement” is a management technique that has kept American businesses viable against stiff foreign competition. Carolyn’s business background and education allows her to advocate for bringing sound management approaches to improve the way our tax dollars are spent. In her first term in office, Carolyn worked with local corporation EMC and the Department of Transportation to institute a pilot “Lean Government” program that generated $250,000 in savings for taxpayers.

Good Ideas are Good Ideas — No Matter Where They Come From

The ultimate goal of government policy, regardless of party or ideology, is to improve the lives of citizens. Carolyn evaluates all ideas from constituents, academia, government and business to create policy that is well researched and effective in improving our quality of life. She also knows that good policy can’t be implemented alone, and Carolyn works hard to develop and maintain relationships that will help get things done for the district and the state.